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Advanced Power Technologies Handles Fleet Electrification

Advanced Power Technologies offers our commercial customers an eco-friendly and effective strategy to transition to electric vehicles in the United States and Canada. Our fleet electrification services include all essential elements to manage your new fleet, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and in-depth expertise in charging infrastructures, monitoring, and maintenance. We provide everything you need to carry out the process, such as fleet consultation and analysis and a customized, future-proof migration plan. You also get our white-glove charging management with 24.7 monitoring, replacement parts, technical support, and maintenance services. Our fleet electrification as a service (FeaaS) is a pay-as-you-go, subscription service business model covering electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, monitoring, and maintenance.

electric charging station for electric vehicles

Features & Benefits

Many businesses across North America are transitioning to electric fleets, and Advanced Power Technologies can help you with the process. Deploying electric vehicles for commercial use comes with many benefits, including the following:

  • Lower Operating Costs – Electric vehicles are less expensive to maintain, and you no longer have to worry about volatile fuel prices. Even the batteries in electric vehicles are covered with a warranty.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Traditional gas-powered vehicles have an extensive, complicated collection of moving parts, raising the risk of something going wrong. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and fewer opportunities for them to break or malfunction, leading to lower maintenance needs.
  • Supporting Your Company’s Sustainability Goals – Electrifying your commercial fleet is an integral step in a larger plan to reach your sustainability goals. Electric vehicles reduce gases like carbon dioxide, create less noise, vibrate less, and lead to better health. These vehicles also last longer than non-electric options.

Financing Options to Make Your Transition More Affordable

Advanced Power Technologies is ready to help you with fleet electrification to run your vehicles on clean, reliable energy and achieve your sustainability goals. Our expansive collection of services covers many transitional and maintenance needs, such as surveys to understand your property’s charging capabilities and on-the-road charging applications. Let our fleet electrification services and expertise benefit your commercial operation.

One Call, One Company, Many Solutions