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EV charging station outside of residence

EV Charging Stations to Power Your Fleet

Advanced Power Technologies offers premium electric vehicle or EV charging stations to our United States and Canadian clients. These stations are the most customizable options, increasing electric vehicles’ popularity and affordability as the demand for charging stations continues to rise. You can speak with one of our consultants to get expert insight and guidance on customer charging solutions meeting your budget and business needs. Our flexible terms and payment options make sustainable upgrades like EV charging stations more affordable and advantageous to clients in all industries.

Installing Levels One, Two, & Three

As a company committed to meeting our clients’ energy efficiency and technological needs, Advanced Power Technologies installs EV charging stations in levels one, two, and three. Each option gives you a clean power source. We have described each level to help you determine which one is right for your applications:

  • Level One – This level requires no installation. Instead, we plug one end into a standard outlet while the other end goes into an electric vehicle. As it charges with 120 volts, this unit provides the least rapid charge out of all three levels.
  • Level Two – Installing this level typically involves mounting the unit in a wall in a firm and secure manner. You get a quicker charge with level two since it charges an electric vehicle with about 240 volts.
  • Level Three – This option is also known as a DC charging station. It charges much more rapidly because it uses a much higher voltage while connected to an electric vehicle. Level three charging stations can charge with as many as 800 volts.

Features & Benefits of Our EV Charging Program

Advanced Power Technologies wants you to enjoy all the benefits of charging electric vehicles by installing a station at your property. You can get valuable incentives like the 30% investment tax credit in all states, state and utility company rebates, and earning points toward LEED certification. We provide installation with fixed monthly payments, no upfront money, 100% coverage, owner/operator revenue sharing, and financing options available. Some other features and benefits of our EV charging program include the following:

  • Total Turnkey Installation
  • Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Products and Experience
  • Electric Charging “as a Service” Options
  • Software Monitoring and Programming
  • Multi-Manufacturer Representation
EV charging station

Making Service Affordable With Our Financing Options

You can afford an EV charging station more easily with our financing options. We make clean power more attractive with options like leasing, Epact, utility rebates, and cost segregation. With short-term leasing, you get up to five years with a positive cash flow and no upfront money, providing energy savings and cash conservation. When available, Epact reduces the tax burden a profit company might bear, and we can facilitate the paperwork and expertise you require for this write-off. Utility rebates might be available to reduce your project costs and increase your ROI (Return on Investment). To avoid carrying a ghost asset during your building and property’s depreciation schedule, cost segregation accelerates your replaced assets’ depreciation time. This method can reduce your tax burden.

One Call, One Company, Many Solutions