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Products to Back Up Our Clients’ Power Needs

Businesses typically rely on a steady power supply to keep their operations running. When a blown transformer, violent storm, or any other incident causes a power outage, you need a backup plan to ensure you don’t spend days in the dark. A company without electricity can have an unsafe working environment, lost productivity, and a drop in profits. Advanced Power Technologies has various solutions to safeguard your power and data needs in the United States and Canada, including battery backups. You might want to invest in other means of supplying your building with electricity, like a commercial generator. While we can help you secure a generator, we also strongly recommend battery backups for many reasons.

battery backups generators

Reasons to Choose a Battery Backup for Your Business

Deciding between a generator or a battery backup for power outage situations depends on many factors, including your fuel preferences and environmental concerns. Generators are a popular choice for homes and businesses to keep their lights on, and they typically run on fuels like propane, diesel, and natural gas. However, battery backups are gaining popularity because of their reliable power supply without having to rely on fuel to keep them running. Using a battery backup is a cleaner energy source than generators. A battery doesn’t burn through fossil fuels or create noise and fumes while running. A battery backup also provides many of the same backup power functions you get from a generator without fuel costs or regular maintenance.

Save Money With Battery Backup Power

While many people focus on the upfront costs to secure a backup power source for their home or business, the initial expense is not the only concern they should have. If you choose a generator, you must keep in mind the ongoing costs to fill it with fuel and maintain it. Areas the experience frequent outages due to weather or another reason can face sizable spending habits to keep their generators running. Battery backups come with options like solar energy systems, so they charge using the sun’s renewable energy. Choosing to add a solar energy system might add to your upfront cost but save you money in the long run by charging without adding to your electric bill. Advanced Power Technologies has a team of power experts to help you decide which battery backup is right for your property.

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