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Specializing in Sustainability Solutions for Power & Data

Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your data and power’s performance. With Advanced Power Technologies, you can take advantage of the electrical industry’s latest technology to conserve and manage power and run your business more cost-effectively while supporting the environment. We make our wide array of products and services for better sustainability available to United States and Canadian clients who value energy conservation and responsible power and data management. Our solutions include controls and systems to manage your energy and products like copper and fiber cable to manage your power and data technology. Your monthly utilities will cost less while you enjoy reliable control over your energy usage without degrading your lighting and other electrical connections.

aerial view of wind turbines and agriculture field

Energy Management & Controls for Better Efficiency

Advanced Power Technologies has various electrical products and services to help you save energy, utility costs, and time, including wind and solar energy options for commercial use. If you value precise control over your lighting while reducing wasted power, our intelligent wireless lighting controls may be the best choice for your property. Our wireless network and many lighting choices let you go green with precise control instead of dealing with wiring, maintenance, and clutter. You can use the controls to adjust settings in a specific facility or zone or let our wireless system manage itself. Installing this lighting option can help you reduce your operating expenses and monitor energy usage at all your branches or locations. We can show you how to apply global schedules to your facilities remotely.

Running Power & Data on Copper & Fiber Cables

Using copper-fiber cable for power and data usage comes with many benefits. Our hybrid cable gives you a reliable connection over a single cable like any copper cable, combined with fiber cable’s advantage of transmitting power and data over a long cable run. We recommend installing copper-fiber cable for many reasons, including the following:

You Only Need One Cable

These cables combine power and data into one cable construction, so you only need to pull and manage one cable. Installing it takes less time, you save warehouse space, and it saves you money.

It Carries Remote Power Cost-Effectively

You don’t need to run low-voltage power at every location since hybrid cables bring power to each without needing a local power source. Separate power and data pathways are no longer necessary.

You Get New Installation Possibilities

With low-voltage power traveling through the cable, you can connect it to light poles and other electrical features without worrying about performance distance limits. You can also run a hybrid cable to a wireless access point to simultaneously supply it with data and power.

Advanced Power Technologies Is Ready to Help

Our clients deserve the best possible solutions to their sustainability needs, so Advanced Power Technologies provides the latest technologies. Wireless lighting controls, copper-fiber cables, and other cutting-edge products can save you time, money, and energy.

One Call, One Company, Many Solutions