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Design & Installation for Parking Lots & Other Lighting

Exterior lighting in your parking lot lets people feel safer while working or shopping at night. A property manager or owner needs to enlist help from modern technology to ensure their outdoor areas are secure for customers and employees. Advanced Power Technologies offers lighting design and installation services to United States and Canadian clients with many types of properties featuring parking lots. These properties include malls, shopping centers, and strip centers found in rural, urban, and suburban areas. Retail sales have generally increased because of properties upgrading their parking lot lighting. Our company specializes in new and existing parking lot lighting and handles jobs of all sizes. Our services encompass everything you need from start to finish, such as design, engineering, permitting, and installation. We offer the most energy-efficient design and maintenance options for today’s environmentally conscious clients.

big modern empty parking lot with bright LED street lights

Exemplary Services for Your Exterior Parking and Security Lighting Needs

When you need complete signage solutions at your business, Advanced Power Technologies is ready to help you. We visit clients every day with a large supply inventory to ensure they get whatever they need. Our trucks have various options ready to apply to signs, including high-output fluorescent lighting, 17-inch, and 120-inch sign lamps, ground signs, high-rise signs, neon, HID, and LED lighting, and channel letters for your building. As options continue to increase to illuminate your signs, we stay up to date on these advancements. Our team will inform you about these solutions, improving your visibility while lowering your energy and maintenance costs. We offer completely vertical services, including fabricating parts and faces for repairs. Our on-staff journeyman electricians always provide quick and efficient service.

neon signs in a row

Sign Installations of Various Types

We have an in-house design team ready to help you create a custom sign that catches your customer’s attention and displays your name and other important information. You can choose from various options, such as showing your store hours in vinyl letters and language that focuses on exterior parking lot design with LED. We have spent over 20 years installing thousands of signs and are proud to be your single source for any of the following services:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Permitting
  • Torches
  • Welders
  • Crane Trucks

Advanced Power Technologies Recycles Your Ballasts & Lamps

When recycling your lamps and ballasts, you must handle the project properly. Breaking a lamp exposes the handler and environment to mercury vapor, and incinerating your solid waste or throwing it into a landfill puts mercury back into the environment. Advanced Power Technologies has ample experience carrying out this process. We properly manage every mercury-containing product to avoid exposing public health and the environment to mercury. Our recycling services are available to businesses and consumers.

One Call, One Company, Many Solutions