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Generator Sales & Installation for Emergency Power

Powering your business is vital to ensuring your lighting, HVAC system, and other crucial elements have power to run when an outage occurs. Advanced Power Technologies understands the importance of a steady power supply and how a severe storm, hurricane, or another disaster can put your property in jeopardy. Our highly trained team is well-versed in various electrical services. We have ample experience providing clients in the United States and Canada with generator sales and installation services. Our team will help you determine which generator option from our selection fits your electrical needs and budget. After choosing and purchasing a new generator, we quickly and carefully install it to connect with your building’s electrical system and is ready to switch on whenever you experience an outage.

three large industrial emergency power standby generators

Why a Backup Generator Is an Invaluable Resource

Many businesses cannot afford the loss in productivity and profits due to a power outage. A loss in lighting and other essential systems can also create an unsafe working environment, resulting in injuries or halting your entire operation. A power outage can happen because of many different causes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes. Other possible scenarios include power grid failures, transformer malfunctions, utility pole accidents, or an animal chewing through a power line. Without a constant flow of electricity, your processes and workflow can slow or stop for an uncertain time. A power outage can last a few minutes or multiple days before professionals restore electricity. A commercial backup generator from Advanced Power Technologies provides power whenever an outage threatens your business.

The Commercial Generator Installation Process

Installing a commercial generator involves pre-installation tasks, and you may require post-installation services as well. We have described these two crucial parts of the process for you:


During this part of the process, we work with you to calculate your building’s power and consult with our certified electrician and your local EPA agency. Our team calculates what size, space, location, voltage, fuel type, and AMPS your generator will need. We use that information to select a generator brand and model matching your application. After selecting a generator, it’s time to plan your concrete pad and electrical foundation. We adhere to all local regulations and permits during the process.


After successfully installing your generator, you must follow your model’s commercial maintenance guidelines and testing timetables. Post-installation services include regular service and maintenance to keep your generator in top condition and ready to run safely and effectively. Regular service, testing, and maintenance ensure your generator will last for years while providing dependable power.

Advanced Power Technologies Prepares You for an Outage

Advanced Power Technologies has a team of electrical experts ready to assist you in finding the perfect commercial generator for your property. Our exemplary selection of top brands and models, paired with timely and efficient installation services, ensures your business is ready for an outage.

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