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Lighting Upgrades & Other Electrical Work

Advanced Power Technologies wants our clients in various industries in the United States and Canada to benefit from our electrical work. For example, clients in the industrial, institutional, commercial, hospitality, restaurant, and retail areas can reduce their operating costs and save energy with lighting upgrades. We design and install these energy-efficient alternatives to integrate with your existing inefficient lighting equipment. Saving on costs and protecting the environment are compelling reasons to take advantage of this service. You can apply our upgrades to interior and exterior lighting. We fully or partially gut your existing features and replace the internal components with energy-efficient products.

electrician installing downlights

Infrared Scanning to Find Potential Failure Points

Infrared scanning is a non-invasive technology Advanced Power Technologies uses to find potential failure points in your electrical equipment. We use an infrared camera to capture thermal images and detect issues like faulty assembly, corrosion, and loose connections. These scans also apply to any oil-filled transformer to checking cooling fins and oil levels. Clients with commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities often use this technology for preventive maintenance, which is also a risk management tool insurance providers may require. Checking for failure points is important because loose or dirty connections and other irregularities can result in power outages. By detecting hot spots with infrared scanning, we can identify these risks to ensure timely electrical solutions.

On-Call Services & Natural Disaster Response

As a full-service electrical service provider, Advanced Power Technologies understands the importance of immediate professional help during a crisis. Our on-call service includes our RACERS (Recovery and Customer Emergency Response Services) team, providing dedicated hurricane response management. The RACERS team manages and coordinates our increased complications and volume from a mobile command center to handle service after a natural disaster. Clients can sign up for our Advanced Evaluation and Survey Agreement, for which we survey all their locations situated in the strike zone after a natural disaster. You only fill out a couple of forms, and there is no upfront cost if you choose to participate in this program.

Our In-House Permitting Services Make Service Simpler

As part of our electrical work, we offer in-house permitting to simplify the process and ensure your lighting and other electrical features get the best possible service. Your local government agency issues a building permit as an official approval that lets you or your contractor carry out a remodeling or construction project on your property. A permit ensures your project plans comply with zoning, construction, and land use local standards for current and future occupants’ and owners’ safety. If you wish to proceed with any project involving major changes or additions to your property’s structure or mechanical systems, you will usually need to apply for an appropriate permit.

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