Advanced Power Technologies has a dedicated Hurricane Response Management Team  The RACERS(Recovery and Customer Emergency Response Services) Team will go to the affected area and set up APT’s mobile command center at the affected branch or location  With this additional focused team, we can manage and coordinate the increased volume and complications of a natural disaster without disturbing the normal flow of business.

Another effective recovery tool that we are initiating is our Advanced Evaluation and Survey Agreement.  This proactive recovery plan is for clients who want APT to automatically survey all of their locations in the “strike zone”.  There are no “up front” costs to participate in this program just some forms to fill out.  This auto proceed assessment will include a full photo survey of your signage and all exterior lighting, as well as any damage to your property that affects signs or lighting.  Once reviewed, you can either authorize repairs, or we can provide an estimate for making those repairs or any needed upgrades.  A flat fee per surveyed location will only be issued if a named storm hits and we dispatch the RACERS Team to survey.  If no storm hits, there will be no charge to you and we will keep the forms for the next potential disaster, it’s that simple.

This program eliminates the days usually lost from first strike until the time communication is restored, as well as the time it takes for your manager to report lighting and sign damage.  Additionally, if we are authorized in advance to proceed with repairs, 2 – 6 weeks can be saved in the completion time, and will result in having your facility 100% lit in a more timely and efficient manner.

If you would like to pre-authorize, APT will create work orders and survey forms prior to any named storm.  These work orders will be put in our Mobile Command Centers file, so that our RACERS team will already have it and be ready to go to work.  By doing it this way, you will be the first priority in our system.  To learn more Contact Us.