Wireless Control Automation

Reduce Costs & Save Energy with APT Wireless Control Automation

Embrace the technologies of the future with APT Wireless Control Automation. You can now automate the systems within your facility for more efficient usage, monitoring, and management. One of our certified engineers can help you custom-design just the right components of your building’s systems, like:

  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • HVAC
  • Plug loads
  • Meters
  • Thermostats

All of this can be wirelessly networked and accessed, configured, controlled and managed on premises or remotely. Our lighting, HVAC, plug load and fan controls are easy to install. The entire network is web-enabled from your personal computer, tablet or any device with Internet connectivity and a browser.

Additional Features

  • Occupancy sensors are shared between devices and systems
  • Receive customizable alerts to your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Real-time monitoring of run time and energy consumption

Streamline All Your Energy Resources & Make Environmental Gains
When you turn to APT to streamline and better manage the energy sources on your premises, you will find installation to be simple with user-friendly management. Keep installation costs to a minimum with a wireless mesh network. Configuration is a cinch with the browser-based interface simple set-up wizard. Dynamic scheduling controls allow you to determine how your controlled equipment runs any time of day or night.

Knowledge is power. With the APT Energy Center. You get real-time metering and reporting that allows you to monitor how your energy resources are being used. Based on these reports, you can scale back or turn the dial up on different components. Plus, you’ll be able to spot more opportunities for saving!

Find Energy Savings Here
Light Center: Get wireless dimming and switching for your lighting fixtures or circuits. You won’t believe the ease of deployment. Installation costs are kept to a minimum, which adds to the enjoyment of having managed and reliable lighting controls in place.

Stat Center: Your thermostats can be wirelessly networked so all are in sync. Relay controllers integrate well with your stand-alone HVAC equipment.

Meter Center: Measure your gas and electricity output with wireless meters. You’ll find this helpful for managing your energy usage, especially over time.

Plug Loads: Reduce energy consumption by plug loads with easily-installed outlet controllers. Set them to control by schedule, occupancy or both.


If you are interested in learning more about the Wireless Control Automation  and how it benefit your facility, call us today for a complementary consultation at: 888-278-8518.