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Save Time, Energy and Money with Intelligent Wireless Lighting Controls

APT is now offering an eco-conscious array of products and services.

As more and more ‘green’ companies spring up, we have the added advantage of access to an abundance of choices in selecting the technologies that power our homes and businesses — with a positive impact on the environment.

The benefits of choosing environmentally-friendly options do not stop at preserving the environment. In many ways, shapes and forms, these new technologies can save you both time and money, in addition to improving morale at your place of business.


  • A wireless network saves you on the cost of wiring and maintenance, not to mention it frees you from the clutter of wires.
  • With wireless lighting controls, you have many lighting choices, a reduced cost, and a more reliable system.
  • Intelligence-based lighting allows you to decide what the right amount of light for your space is for efficiency as well as comfort level. You can adjust the control settings for a specific zone or facility, as well.
  • Choose wireless light controls to conserve money and increase productivity with energy-efficient controls that manage themselves.
  • You can reduce operating expenses with the increased sustainability of wireless lighting controls.
  • Smart lighting controls enable you to monitor energy usage in various locations or branches. You can even apply global schedules remotely.
  • Perceptive automotive control panels can decrease electric light in unoccupied areas and increase light when motion is sensed.

Wireless lighting controls work most efficiently with LED lighting, especially regarding their dimming capacity. Dimmers are a practical way to save energy and boost the life of the light bulb. Enhanced dimming control can also allow daylight harvesting along the perimeters of window-facing areas and can task tune with high and low light level trimming based on high or low traffic areas. When combined, the occupancy/vacancy sensing and dimmable lighting duo saves an average of 30% of light energy in a building.

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