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At Advanced Power Technologies, we understand that cash flow and the opportunity cost for investments are critical in a company’s growth strategy.

That is why APT offers several different options to help meet our customer’s needs.

Options to consider


Short term leasing up to 5 years with no up front money and with a guaranteed positive cash flow from day 1 is an attractive option for those customers who wish to conserve cash and have the energy savings fund the sustainable project.

LAAS (Lighting as a service)

APT can provide you with a turn key solution for up to 15 years wherein APT will retrofit or install new fixtures and include all maintenance and re-lamping of fixtures as required. Funding is through a percentage of the energy savings and requires no up front deposit or layout of cash.

Additional cash savings opportunities:

Epact, when available can reduce the tax burden born by profitable companies. APT can facilitate the required paperwork and expertise needed to accomplish the write off.

Utility Rebates, where availablecan reduce total project costs and increase the ROI. APT is registered with many Incentive programs throughout the United States and will apply the rebate and deduct the dollar amount from the project cost or pass the rebate onto the customer.

Cost Segregation: Can reduce a company’s tax burden by accelerating the depreciation time for assets being replaced to avoid carrying a ghost asset for the remainder of the building and properties depreciation schedule. By doing this the internal ROI is increased dramatically.

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