Project Description

110 Tower

Product:  Philips Color Kinetics

On Roof Line: iColor Accent MX Powercore
150 8ft tube sections installed and controlled via a wireless network system.

iColor Accent MX Powercore is a direct view linear LED fixture ideally suited for creating long ribbons of color and color-changing effects. Variable resolution offers the precision to display large-scale video, graphics, and intricately designed effects in a host of architectural, retail, and entertainment settings.

iColor Accent MX Powercore offers the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in an outdoor-rated, road-ready aluminum housing.

Wall up lighting
Product: ColorReach Powercore | 8 units installed and controlled via a wireless network system.

ColorReach™ Powercore, our flagship, high-performance exterior architectural floodlight, is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large architectural facades. ColorReach Powercore combines all the benefits of LED-based lighting and control in an elegant fixture specifically designed for large-scale installations, such as commercial skyscrapers, casinos, large retail exteriors, bridges, piers, public monuments, and themed attractions. With significantly more lumen output than any other competitive fixture and unprecedented light projection of over 500 feet, this powerful fixture represents the next generation in exterior illumination. Build-to-order configurations with custom channels of white or color LEDs are also available to support special applications.