Parking lot lighting is one of APT’s faster growing areas, with good reason.  Proper lighting makes people feel safe and secure while shopping or working in the evening hours.  With crime and litigation at record levels, the manager or owner relies on modern technology in order to raise outdoor light levels.  Sophisticated retailers understand the benefits of proper lighting and many require a minimum of 5 foot candles in their parking lots.

Several municipalities and counties throughout the United States and Canada have updated old lighting code requirements.  Existing facilities are at risk of code violations, as well as increased incidence of crime unless they upgrade their lighting to new code requirements.

An increase in retail sales in strip centers, shopping centers and malls has been attributed to upgraded parking lot lighting.  Studies have proven that site lighting is one of the top three reasons why this has been achieved.

APT specializes in the design and installation of new and existing parking lot lighting. APT can handle it any and all size jobs – from design, engineering, permitting to installation.  With today’s environmentally conscious attitude, APT provides the most energy efficient design and maintenance available.