Who’s afraid of the dark. Most of your customers, and you should be too. Today more than ever we have to take note of all the lawyers and all the litigation for things we never saw before. The “Safe Environment” standards are starting to come up more and more and cost businesses in litigation. The issue is if you are open after dark, have ATM’s, are a 24 hour location then you must provided what has become to be known as a “Safe Environment”. The worst thing you can have is non- operational outdoor lighting and then have an incident in your parking lot. How do we help with this growing issue, Nightwatch! We become your independent set of eyes watching your property and showing the world you care.

Nightwatch is simple! APT has an inspector visit your location on 30, 60 or 90 day rotations. We do a simple visual inspection of all exterior lighting and signage and report any outages.

Program Options:

  • Report Only
  • Report with action plan and vehicle dispatch and service

Although details are bound by confidentiality we have had this program put to use by the loss prevention departments at both small and large organizations. Having these reports and showing the concerted effort to maintain a “Safe Environment” is a big benefit of the APT Nightwatch program.

Advanced Power Technologies offers this program in many variations including general outage statements, numbering your poles and signs to detail outages, reports detailing custom plot plans showing all lights and indication of faulty lights. Keep your future bright and put your facilities on the APT Nightwatch program today.