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Advanced Power Technologies (“APT”) provides its customers with a complete solution to their lighting, electrical and signage needs. APT works with commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality and retail clients to save energy and reduce operating costs while maintaining and improving the aesthetics of their environment.

New consortium to drive standardization of a management software interface for managing outdoor lighting networks

Global initiative – The formation of a new global consortium made up from lighting industry players, with the aim of creating a globally accepted standard for a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks has been announced today. Named TALQ, the founders/participants are Harvard Engineering, Kingsun, Philips, Schréder, Streetlight.Vision and Thorn/Zumtobel.

Driven by trends such as the increasing prevalence of LED luminaires, the drive for more efficient city operations management, growing social and legislative pressure to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and an increasing move towards “City Beautification”, the outdoor lighting market is shifting from ‘traditional’ to ‘intelligent’ lighting networks. Amongst other functionalities these new networks offer, remote monitoring, smart asset management, smart dimming and scene setting, and intelligent measurement of energy consumption.

At present the market is characterized by a diversity of proprietary systems and interfaces. The lack of standards makes it difficult to integrate, operate and maintain management systems and is prohibiting the growth of outdoor lighting networks.

The TALQ Consortium aims to promote the application of outdoor lighting network systems by delivering and governing a well-defined software protocol specification for the interface between central management systems and outdoor lighting networks and by managing a promotion, certification and compliance program. This will enable a single user interface for customers to manage their outdoor lighting infrastructure, enable second-source supply of interoperable systems, and stimulate market growth by fostering competition. The software protocol specification will be independent from the various physical communication technologies in existence today (e.g. wireless, power line, etc.) and will be able to accommodate future standard enhancements.

A Private Market Overview Of LED Lighting in the Private Sector

LED lighting technology offers the possibility to significantly influence energy consumption. As players continue to make strides in white LED technology innovation, performance levels are starting to make LED lighting technology cost competitive for some general lighting applications, particularly in outdoor or C&I applications where energy saving and maintenance issues are increasingly critical.

With governments and larger players engaged in various initiatives to drive forward the adoption of LEDs across the general lighting market, the LED lighting market is expected to grow substantially.

“Smaller LED lighting technology companies face a dynamic and fragmented market place. Companies will need to continue to focus on innovation and performance improvements, as well as working with local and regional partners to gain brand awareness and establish themselves in the sector.” – Daniella Muallem, senior research analyst at IDC EMEA Emerging Technologies

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