March 2014 
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APT Lights up Esperante-
The Gateway to West Palm Beach

With its signature blue roof, Esperante Corporate Center is coveted for its stunning views of the Atlantic, Intracoastal Waterway and downtown area. Learn more about the active role APT played in the recent $8 million dollar renovation.

Esperante & More Testimonials 

Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with  Relight America

The APT/Philips Lightolier Energy Alliance partnership offers advantages and benefits to help you reduce your operating costs while supporting the environment. Gain tax and rebate incentives to fund your investment.

Learn about the Relight America Project


APT is pleased to announce we have now been in business for twenty years, and we're only getting started. We couldn't have done it without you and we pledge to continue providing complete solutions to all of your lighting, electrical and signage needs.
Let's work together to continue the tradition of ensuring we help you reduce your total operating costs and increase your electrical efficiency with our soup-to-nuts services for another twenty years.

APT Celebrates 20 Years

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Top 10 Reasons We Love LED

Companies today have to get smarter with their budget dollars. This often means researching all available options to keep the lights on. More and more business owners are turning to LED lighting as a way to stretch their dollars further, and this comes with many built-in benefits.

  • 1. Cost-Savings
    The cost of installing LED lighting typically pays for itself within two years. Energy savings last a lifetime. The savings on replacement and maintenance costs is enormous. Overall, your return on investment can be 12 to 15 times the cost. Rebates and tax incentives are often available with LED lighting system installations. 
  • Read Full LED Article Here

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    Spotlight on: University of North Carolina, Charlotte

    At the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, APT was given the opportunity to retrofit 13 recessed fixtures in an open office area in the facilities management office. The existing lighting system consisted of 8 – 3lamp and 5 – 2lamp F32T8 recessed 2x4’s with deep cell parabolic lenses. The average foot candles for the entire space ranged from 40-46 foot-candles. The existing linear fluorescent lamps were a mixture of both 3500 and 4100 Kelvin lamps.
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    Watch the UNC Charlotte Video

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    Hot Industry News

    Did you know the Department of Energy (DOE) has ramped up efforts to phase out energy-wasting lighting in an attempt to enforce new standards in energy efficiency?

    Ongoing legislation designed to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gases has been in full swing since the creation of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) in 2007.

    Learn what types of lighting upgrades and installations APT makes available to ensure you are fully compliant with these new laws.

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