Lighting Maintenance route service has been around for 30 years, however, significant changes took place in 2008 when large national retailers started looking for ways to cut cost. Route Service is the most cost effective way for interior and exterior lighting and sign maintenance.

What is Lighting Maintenance Route Service?

Our technicians use a fully stocked 47’ bucket truck that automatically comes to your site every 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your needs. We help you determine the best service plan to ensure every light inside and outside of your facility is properly maintained . If it lights up then we service it as needed. This keeps your facility in good working order, helps with liability issues in maintaining a “safe environment” and does it all at the lowest possible cost. Historically our clients have experienced at least 30% savings over their current program.

How do we save you money?

It’s simple. Having the same techs visit the same locations on a scheduled basis is a lower cost of management for us and a simpler inventory control with larger purchasing power of standard items. We also reduce fuel consumption on route calls by having our techs service all customers in one area at a time greatly reducing drive time.

Why self performance is important?

Self performance is important to you because it means that you always get APT quality.

  • APT trucks covered in our graphics
  • APT inventory
  • APT technicians on our payroll wearing our uniforms.
  • No bait and switch!!
  • No tee shirts being sent to 900 independent electricians around the country
  • No magnetic signs on those independent electricians personal service vans

We can provide this service in all 50 states and currently do for clients, but it is important that we are open to the fact we work with affiliate partners in some areas. It’s all seamless to our clients!!

Over the last couple of years Advanced Power Technologies has challenged our fleet department to come up with cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles. We worked closely with suppliers and upfitters to enhance our fleet. APT is proud that we are now taking delivery of ultra clean diesel trucks that surpass even the tough California emission laws and that’s not even the best part. These new trucks carry 47 foot buckets that only work on electric. The bucket system will not even engage if the diesel is running. The lift portion of the truck runs on large gas mat batteries that are charged while they drive down the road, so we are not plugging into the already over taxed national grid. This is just another way that APT is reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and doing all we can to leave a better planet for our children.