Why should you consider a lighting maintenance program?  Group relamping, regularly scheduled inspections, cleaning and recycling by a trained and competent lighting maintenance company can save you time and money, as well as allow you to budget a fixed amount of expense which also maximizes the efficiency of your lighting system.

The most expensive portion of the cost related to a lighting system is the electric consumption.  The second largest contributor is the labor to install the lamp while the smallest portion is the actual cost of the lamp.  If your maintenance department is changing one lamp or fixture at a time, at the hourly or salary rate, it is far more economical to implement a cost saving group relamp, or regularly scheduled Daywatch Maintenance Program.

According to industry standards, a spot relamp takes approximately 20 minutes to change a 4 foot lamp compared to 5 minutes for a group relamp per fixture.  If you pay your maintenance person $14 an hour, that would translate into $4.66 per lamp for spot relamping.  APT’s Daywatch Programs are designed to reduce maintenance costs while maintaining the design lumens in the fixture.  Each time we service a fixture or group relamp an entire facility, we make all necessary repairs to the fixture as well as clean the fixture lens, which can increase light output up to 25%.

As lamps get older they lose light output, however, you are still paying for the full wattage of the lamp.  There is also a lamp inventory that must be maintained as well as the expense of receiving, packing, and recycling failed lamps.  Manufacturer’s warranties must be monitored.  These costs erode your bottom line profits and increase lighting maintenance expenses.

Customized DayWatch Maintenance Programs are designed to meet your needs and your budgeted dollars.  APT can control and reduce your lighting maintenance issues and in addition will enable your maintenance department to focus on other non-lighting issues.