The Benefits of Hiring a Lighting Expert

Employing a lighting expert can be touch decision. Choosing a professional that really understands your requirements and matching the right products to those needs with consideration to the installation environment is crucial.

Selecting the right product 

An essential part of any project, whether it’s parking lot, restaurant or a hospital is understanding how artificial lighting interacts with natural light, existing surfaces and spaces, Color also plays a part in the creation of energy, mood and ambiance in different spaces.

Lighting technology
The LED professional symposium suggests that artificial lighting greatly contributes to global energy demand. Incorporating smart designs and controls are crucial for taking full advantage of solid-state lighting technologies. Advanced Power Tech prides itself in keeping up to date with the latest developments not just in commercial lighting but also eco-conscious products ranges.



We all have a budget right? Driving towards getting the best value for our buck is always a top priority. we pride ourselves on being able to match the best products with your requirements on budget. we’re not limited to a specific manufacturer, so we can find the ideal products for your specific needs. Using our lighting experts means you will save money at the bottom line, drive down the cost of maintenance while keeping the aesthetics of your building looking as good as possible.

Illumination In Focus recently published an article on the architectural lighting project installed on the historic Big Four Bridge that crosses the Ohio River. This project has not only helped to revitalize the louisville water front but also made it a destination, proving that lighting has a great impact on people and the surrounding environment

At APT our years of experience and expert knowledge mean we can advice you on the right products to use in your project environment within your budget.