Companies today have to get smarter with their budget dollars. This often means researching all available options to keep the lights on. More and more business owners are turning to LED lighting as a way to stretch their dollars further, and this comes with many built-in benefits.

Cost-Savings The cost of installing LED lighting typically pays for itself within two years. Energy savings last a lifetime. The savings on replacement and maintenance costs is enormous. Overall, your return on investment can be 12 to 15 times the cost. Rebates and tax incentives are often available with LED lighting system installations. To learn more about important lighting upgrade tax advantages in general, watch this quick video: “How to Get Rebates and Tax Incentives on LED and Other Lighting Installations” New page will be created for tracking.

Long Life Cycle An LED bulb typically lasts up to 50,000 hours. This translates to ten to fifteen years. You can have LED lighting installed and put it out of your mind for over a decade. Standard lighting, by comparison, lasts up to 2,000 hours.
Energy Savings LED bulbs use just 20 to 25% of the energy incandescent lighting uses. LED lights use only 15% of the energy of a standard halogen light. LED lights produce more light output per watt when in use with a Low Voltage LED driver. Most LED lighting is Energy-Star Rated and lowers HVAC expenses.
Resiliency/Low Maintenance With no filaments contained in LED lighting, there are less chances for them to break and need replacement. They can tolerate more acute vibration and shock than standard lighting. LED lighting is the perfect choice for buildings that require around-the-clock illumination.
Safe Handling Because LED lights operate at low voltage and are cool to touch, there is the added advantage of easy handling during installation and maintenance. They are also impervious to harsh climates, hence, they are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Rest assured, knowing your LED system won’t pose the threat of a fire hazard.
Uniformity LED offers high quality light output and color along with an improved luminous efficacy. Full spectrum intensity lighting is evenly distributed across each customized installation.
Perfect for Functional Lighting LED is the go-to lighting system for use with traffic signals, automobile lighting and flashing signs. They brighten to full capacity when flicked on and can be constructed for instantaneous blinking, when needed.
Eco-Conscious If you are looking at cost-effective green lighting solutions, consider LED lighting does not contain mercury and other greenhouse gases. Just one 13 watt LED light produces 68% less CO2 than a conventional 40 watt bulb.
Improved Lighting Aesthetics LED provides superior illumination and can be designed for a softer look for recessed and other special areas. All in all, LED provides a much more appreciated aesthetic than the harshness, of, for instance, fluorescent lighting.
APT Provides Faster LED Lighting Installations Because we recognize that no two business owners’ lighting needs are the same, we work with each individual client to come up with the best strategy for your first-time installation or retrofit to replace your outdated, less-efficient lighting system.